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re: Guide for getting Ring of Royal Grandeur


I found this post by Junger on the main Diablo 3 forum and found it to be pretty helpful in getting farming for this ring.  Actual link

Hi everyone, this guide is to help you split farm Act 1 to get the Ring of Royal Grandeur. I’m sure many of you have actually done it, but maybe not with the Junger Rules, so I’ve split this guide up into sections: Definitions, Introduction, Best Practices, Tinfoil, and the Junger Rules.


Split Farm/Farming - When 2 or more players farm a specific Act and complete different bounties at the same time.

Chests & Interactables – Cleansed Chests, resplendent chests, small world chests, floor tiles, clickable bodies, breakable vases, basically, anything that you can click or break and drops loot.

Global drops – When Player A is in one zone, such as Fields of Misery, and Player B is another zone, such as Northern Highlands and Player A opens a chest. The chest drop is Global, meaning even though Player B is in Northern Highlands, if he teleports to Player A, there will be loot waiting for him from the chest even though he was not present at the time of opening. Hope that is clear as mud. Here is a list of Global drops: Chests, breakables, and lootable bodies.

Pity Timer –

    We added a system in the expansion that tracks the amount of time you spend fighting creatures without finding a legendary and after a certain period of time will slowly start increasing the legendary drop rate. Once a legendary drops for you, actual item not crafting recipe or material, we reset that timer. This is meant to be a safety net so that the random can never be too extreme to the negative end. If players are legitimately going 18+ hours and not seeing a legendary it's possible that there are some bugs floating around that need to be identified.


The best way to farm Act 1 bounties is to Split Farm. At the end of the section is a link to all Act 1 bounties. They are categorized into 3 types, Kill, Clear, and Complete bounties. The goal of split farming is for each player to spend approximately the same time completing each bounty so that there is no sitting around. For example, if it is a 3 player team (Players A, B, C) and Player A completes 2 quests, Player B completes 2 quests, and Player C is still on the first quest. Player A and B then go help Player C. How to optimize this is, the same facts as before except that Player C completes his first quest very near the same as Player A and B. And typically there will always be one or two time consuming bounties.

What I recommend is that Player A chooses the easiest bounty, typically a kill quest then moves to the hardest bounty. While Player B and C, (or D) choose other bounties and then whey they finish, teleport to Player A to help finish off the hardest bounty. I consider the Precious Ores, and Queen Aranea the most time consuming.

Example Scenario with 3 players: Player A chooses kill Skeleton King, Player B chooses Clear Warriors Rest, Player C chooses Scavengers Den. As soon as Player A kills SK, he moves onto Queen Aranae. Player B mops up Warriors rest and then starts Kill Fecklars Ghost. Player C finishes the Den, and then ports to Player A and helps finish the Ores. Typically all 3 would finish at the same time under this scenario. Your goal is to average about 3-4 minutes on normal mode, and 5-7 minutes on T1 to complete all the bounties in a 4 man team. YMMV depending on the experience and builds of your team.

List of Act 1 Bounties -

Best Practices

- Run a build suitable for the level you are farming, focusing on movement and kill speed.
- If possible, try to pre-determine who’s generally doing specific bounties. For example, I generally will do any bounty in Fields of Misery, and Player B will do the bounties on the east of the map, and Player C will do bounties on the southern portion of the map. Porting to the same waypoint wastes time.
- Open your stashes later. When the bounty cache is received, put them in your stash and open them later. Don’t waste the time to open and collect and salvage. Plus, there is some tinfoil for saving it later!
- Fields of Misery tips: Here is a link to the Fields bounties: ; I like to run directly north unless I hit the zone barrier, which I then go south/southeast.
- Khazra Den - The Dark Cultists don't count toward the kill counter, you can ignore them.
- Highlands Cave - It's always found in Leoric's Hunting Grounds, even though you start in Northern Highlands
- Kill Waves - You don't actually have to successfully kill the waves, you can afk it, but you do need to be there to kill the remaining mobs to complete the bounty
- Assisting other players - when you finish your bounty and teleport to another player, take a quick look at the map and split up if it's something like finding Queen Aranea. Don't follow the player in the same direction, that's not efficient.
- The Precious Ores: I highly recommend restarting the game for new bounties. This single bounty can double the clear time. Luckily, it doesn't spawn frequently.
- I’ll add more as I do/remember them.


Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for! I’ve gotten 22 RoRG’s using the “Junger Rules”. So, we know there’s a mechanism built into Diablo 3 which some of us call, the Pity Timer. Global drops will use and then reset your Pity Timer. And if you’re not there or don’t know about it, well you’re SOL. I believe the Pity Timer applies to the bounty cache’s contents. What if the pity timer increased from 0% to 100% in 2 hours. What if the pity timer applied to the base RNG cache loot percentage, of let's say 15%. What if after 1 hour, 50% pity timer + 15% cache loot RNG percentage for a total of 65% applied to the cache. What if RoRG then has a 20% (1 of 5 A1 items) chance to roll if the cache rolls a legendary after the 65% is applied. So what if after 1 hour, you have a 13% chance to roll a RoRG. Maybe the more killing/bounties you do without utilizing your pity timer, either by actually seeing drops, or potential global drops might increase your potential for a cache legendary.

So, my method to maximize the potential to get a RoRG is as follows:

Junger Rules:

- Do not open ANY chests (including cursed shrine or cleansing chest events), unless you have to for the bounty completion (Matriarch’s Bones, Jar of Souls, Garrach the Afflicted)
- Do not pop any lootable bodies, or objects (tiles)
- Try not to pop any breakables, this is hard to control with Thunderfury and certain classes/specs, but do your best.
- Try to do at least 1 hour of bounty farming to utilize the Pity Timer effect
- Optional – MF Gear, if it doesn’t impede your clear time, why not.
- Optional – I like to open them in Act 1 on T6, doesn’t hurt right.

TL;DR - Clear bounties without opening chests, bodies, breakables, and you should get a legendary in your caches after 1 hour or so of doing A1 bounties that may be a RoRG. If you get legendary drops while clearing, you probably won't have a legendary in your caches.

There is now a community called "Junger Rules", where you can join like-minded split farmers.

Q: Why do anything other than Normal bounties?
A: As of 2.05, T2+ cache drop rates were increased, per 2.05 Patch Notes.

    05/28/2014 01:47 PMPosted by Nevalistis

        Horadric Caches

            Now have an increased chance to drop Legendary items on Torment II - VI

    This increased chance also applies to Cache-specific Legendaries, such as the Royal Ring of Grandeur.

    05/28/2014 01:47 PMPosted by Nevalistis
    Bear in mind, however, that the [url=""]Anniversary Buff[/url] that was recently made permanent [url=""]does not apply[/url] to Cache-specific Legendaries.

Q:Should I open my bags after 1 hour?
A: The longer you farm using Junger Rules, the better your chances. I think 1 hour, or about 10 caches is the minimum investment you should do. You might get lucky doing just 1, or you might get really unlucky after doing 50. There is no exact time, RNG is RNG, Junger Rules just tries to maximize the potential.

Q: Are drops determined when I get the cache or when I open it?
A: The actual item is determined when you receive the cache.

    04/16/2014 06:25 PMPosted by Nevalistis

        04/16/2014 02:55 PMPosted by Lucx
        To my knowledge, cache contents are determined when your character receives them, not when they are opened.

    This should be the case. However, bear in mind that smart loot drops are not always guaranteed, even from Horadric Caches - there's still a chance the items within do not roll appropriately for your character, though the chance for that is fairly low.

However, the affixes (STR, Dex, Int) are rolled when you open the cache in my experience. So I typically farm caches on my wizard, and open them on the character I would like the RoRG for. This has worked for my Barb and DH.

Q: I farmed A1 caches for exactly 1 hour and didn't get a RoRG, what's wrong?
A: Again, 1 hour isn't a specific time period, it's just a good benchmark. Also, Junger Rules do not guarantee a ring. They just help you try to maximize the potential. But, many people have gotten their first RoRG using the Junger Rules after a few hours, after thousands of bounties of not getting it.

Q: Do crafting mats or crafting patterns count towards the "Pity Timer"?
A: No.

Q: Does the Pity Time, or Perma-Anniversary buff affect Kadala?
A: This question doesn't even apply to Junger Rules because RoRG's can only be obtained from caches. The answer is No, however. Kadala is a straight percentage based loot pinata.

Q: Can you add me to the Junger Rules community/How do I join the Junger Rules community?
A: When you're in-game, Shift-O should bring up the communities UI, then at the bottom, click the "Find" button, then in the filter box, type Junger and you should see Junger Rules and Junger Rules HC.

Q: Should I vote kick people who aren't following the Junger Rules?
A: Well, if the game was created with the pretense that Junger Rules are in effect, yes if that's your prerogative. But please don't kick people who created the game and are not following Junger Rules. Junger Rules shouldn't be forced onto people who aren't Beliebers.

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